Steal This! Professional Organizers Tricks


Organizing your home can be tricky. Sometimes, you just do not have time or you do not know how to keep your abode organized. But, there is a way out. Take it straight from professional organizers themselves.

Nothing disorients one’s mind like a disorganized home. It prevents you from enjoying your house and bars you from inviting friends in. However, home organizing does not have to be a nightmare. All you need is to learn the tricks used by professional organizers. Below are some tips to help you keep your house tidy and welcoming:

Sort items in piles

Before you embark on organizing your home or apartment, consider placing all the items in piles. In case of clothing, sort the items in terms of frequency of use. For instance, keep seasonal clothes in one pile and the regular ones in the other. In addition, remove all the clothes that you do not intend to use. You will have to discard them later on safely.

Always aim to declutter rather than create more space

Prior to going out to buy some more storage containers, it is important to sort out and discard what you do not want.  Placing more bins in your home indiscriminately, will only add more clutter. This can make home organizing, more exciting.

Sell or give what you do not fancy or need any more

It is understandable how you are attached to those keepsakes. Some of them have been passed over generations and you just cannot give them away. However, if you really want to maintain an organized home, you do not have a choice.  Sell them or give them to friends or family or you might also consider donating to charities.

Invest in organizers

Be it in the bathroom or the kitchen, you will need these handy equipments, to make organizing your home easier.  There are varieties of organizers in the market; you can buy at affordable prices.  They
will help you to hold various items and prevent them from cluttering.

Create a schedule

Home organizing is not easy and it can be overwhelming.  However, a schedule can make things a bit smooth. Make a plan of your cleaning and organizing activities, such that you do not leave anything undone. It is important that you follow it to the letter.

You do not need an expert to organize your home and neither do you have to live in a disorganized home. Steal these tricks from professional organizers so you can enjoy a more Livible home.

Moving Tips for Easing the Process

Moving? You’re looking forward to an exciting new home base, yet dreading the process that takes you there. The cleaning, the planning, the packing…there is just TOO MUCH work to do! Don’t stress – we’ve come up with a list of moving tips to help ease the process!

Label, label, label

Make sure your boxes are labeled correctly! You wouldn’t want to end up putting a heavy box in an upstairs bedroom that was really meant for your basement, and have to relocate it. Save your lower back!

Write it down

You should write down the items that are in each and every box. That will help you out if you need something last minute and haven’t had time to unpack the entire house! We recommend using red duct tape to indicate the most important boxes.


Worried about your breakables? You can use linens or other soft things that you’re already packing to wrap up and safeguard your fragiles from breaking. We don’t however, recommend using your linens to wrap up your furniture just in case they do get stained during the move.

Wrap it up

Plastic wrap is your BFF! Consider covering the top of cosmetic bottles with plastic wrap and an elastic band to avoid spilling your favourite lotions and potions.

Last but not least

Which room to pack last? Make sure to leave the kitchen to the end. That way you can still enjoy the amenities of a home cooked meal during the crazy packing hours!

When it’s time to get packing, remember that Livible is your friend! If you’ve got limited space in your moving van or car, consider packing some things up with us. We’ll deliver the boxes, you pack up using our clever Livible App to help take pictures and label the contents and we can take them from your old home to your new home.

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Livible News: Livible Launches in Portland!

Livible Launches in Portland

Welcome to the Livible Family, Portland!

As Livible launches in Portland, help your Portland friends and family get started by sharing your personal referral code with them! You’ll both get a free delivery, a free pickup, a free month of storage or a free box. That saves you both up to $25.

It’s easy! Go to “Credits” in the web or mobile apps and share it with one click.

Get your credits now

Livible News: Livible Now Serves Portland!

Great news Portland friends! Livible now serves Portland!

We’re really excited to announce that Livible is now serving the Greater Portland region!

“Portland was our first choice to expand as it’s a terrific match for our company and services,” said Livible founder and CEO Terry Drayton. “From savvy urban dwellers who want to use more of their apartment for living space to clever homeowners who need to store seasonal items, we make it incredibly convenient and affordable to store their stuff off-site – we pick it up at their door, store it in a secure facility and then return it back to them whenever they need it.” Starting today, Livible services 29 zip codes in and around Portland.

New customers pay only $1 at sign-up for delivery of an empty box, picking it up after they’ve filled it and their first month of storage. They can do that for up to ten boxes or choose instead to store bulky items like luggage, bikes, skis or even stand-up paddleboards. After the first month, storage costs $4 per month for each box or bulky item. There are no contracts or commitments. Livible can be used on the web or via the free Livible apps for iPhone, iPad and Android.

We’ve Changed From Storrage to Livible!

From Storrage to Livible!

We wanted you to be the first to know that we’ve changed our name and brand from Storrage to Livible!

The new name is a result of consistent feedback about what on-demand storage does for you, our customers: we give you more livible space. It’s also a broader name to support the full range of “ecosystem” services you’ve asked for: donate, rent, repair, sell, share and swap your possessions. We’ll be rolling those services out this fall so stay tuned.

We’ll be updating everything to Livible over the next few weeks. Enjoy!

7 Tips to Minimize Clutter in a Small Space

Owning a small apartment and managing things perfectly in it is an art itself. Not many people succeed in managing clutter. Here are 7 ways to take care of all the mess and minimize clutter with ease:

Minimize Clutter
  1. Own What You Need
    This is kind of an obvious point but yet very important. One needs to own less in order to have to manage less. Try to purge as much as you can. Keep things that are important to you and let go of things that are of no use anymore because the less you own the less you have to take care of. Things that are not needed anymore can go to the Goodwill pile and that way you will get more space for your stuff.
  2. Fix A Place For Everything
    When there will be a place fixed for everything, there is no chance of you living in a cluttered apartment. If things do not have a fixed place then they either lay on the floor or on the table or anywhere inappropriate which contributes to creating mess. Consider sneaky storage places if your apartment is not too big to store everything you wish to keep.
  3. Keep Extra Spaces
    Clutter keeps on expanding, slowly and sneakily without you even noticing. That is when extra spaces come in handy. While fixing places, always keep extra spaces empty for future use to keep things that do not have a fixed place. This way, things won’t clutter or float around; pick up if you see anything floating around and put in the extra space without reorganizing your whole apartment.
  4. Make Walls Useful
    Organizers and shelves that hang on walls are something you should really consider having. They just hang there and keep your stuff and do not occupy much space, apparently. If you own anything that exists in three-dimensional space then you have the option of hanging it on the wall somehow. Try hanging storage spaces about things, like a dresser or above a little cupboard so that it does not look odd or out of place.
  5. Avoid Transparent Storage
    Prefer storing your things in drawers, cabinets with doors and boxes that do not have the property of seeing through them. Storing things in clear boxes only looks good in stores where everything else is also unusually perfect and more than managed. Actual human beings do not live in fairy houses and their possessions are not all too beautiful. Therefore keeping things hidden also makes them look managed.
  6. Don’t Let It Flood
    Clutter does not just appear out of nowhere. It comes from the front door just like you do. As said before, it expands without you noticing. Solution to this is creating a landing strip near the door; it doesn’t take much space and is a great way to control clutter.
  7. Outsource your storage
    If you have something that you don’t want to trash out and is planning to use only once or twice a year, like holiday decorations, winter clothes, kayak or even bike, consider putting it in Livible. You may be surprised at how affordable and convenient it is. Just download the app to get started. And don’t think of it as spending more to store your stuff. By temporarily storing your things away, you are increasing your living space and you’ll realize it’s all worth it.

How to Efficiently Use Space in Your Home and Office

Efficiently Use Space


There are a few neat advantages in smaller living or work spaces, but they usually come along with a reduced cost of maintenance and living as compared to the large spaces accommodated by some. You have to admit, that most of these places do not have enough space to work.Even if you don’t have many errands to work with, you would still feel too short on space to store things. Here are a few tips to help you efficiently use space in your home and office.

Downsizing is fun

It’s always better to keep things to a minimum amount when you have limited space. Live more effectively by creating an extra space for yourself by storing away all the things you won’t need for a while. In the same way, take a look at what you have around and decide what things could need a new loving master who needs them more than you do. Instead of leaving these items in the forgotten vaults of your house, donate these things to charity that would do even better in making it available for others who would actually enjoy using them.

Add some shelving

Every home or working cubicles has cabinets in it. However, first and foremost, we simply don’t use enough of this space to justify its existence. Empty spaces gaze at us with sad eyes while our poor possessions end up forgotten in a drawer somewhere. You can make use of the space by using various compartments, as this will help manage and organize things as you want. It will take a bit of efforts, but after that you will have a sort out space and a peaceful mind.

Efficiently Use Space

Multi-purposed furniture

You will likely have to keep your furniture to a minimum if you are having small spaces to work with. For an example, if you have a bench in your entrance, you could have one that acts as storage to efficiently use space. Another better way of creating extra storage around the house is to use storage stools that easily fit into each other when not in use. Instead of coffee tables, trunks and chests can be used as well as there are other multipurpose solutions, so you can hide your collections of interesting reading materials that simply fall off from your bookshelves.

Hanging space

Are there any empty spaces on your walls that you are not using to hang your family photos? That is awesome! This means you can put them in use for a practical purpose and efficiently use space. Just make sure that there is plenty of hanging space around, whether they are the equipments in your kitchen, the tools in your garage or other office materials. The use of large boxes will also help more than it would be able to otherwise.

Livible CEO Terry Drayton on The Bob Pritchard Radio Show

On Entrepreneurship, Start-ups and Persistence: Storrage founder and CEO, Terry Drayton, guests on The Bob Pritchard Radio Show

When Livible Founder & CEO Terry Drayton and Bob Pritchard chatted Tuesday afternoon, the pair had plenty to talk about – entrepreneurship, success and painful learning over his 29 years doing 9 start-ups.

“You can overcome all the obstacles you’ll face as entrepreneurs by relentlessly working on it until you’re successful,” Terry added, as he talks about the best advice he got as an entrepreneur when he stopped by The Bob Pritchard Radio Show, which airs every Tuesday at 5PM Pacific on

In this wide ranging half hour session, Terry discusses his love of entrepreneurship and why he thinks it’s very important for our society and country, especially as a gateway to upward mobility and overall prosperity for the 99%.

“Persistence is omnipotent!”

Terry says that persistence is very different than being stubborn as it takes a willingness to just keep trying different ideas until you find what works. Finally Bob asks Terry why he thinks Storrage will be a big hit.

You can listen in to the full interview here.

7 Closet Organizing Apps to Revamp your Style

Don’t you know that you can organize your closet right through your
phone? There are certain apps designed to help you organize your wardrobe and revamp your style, saving you money and time. These apps are like your personal digital wardrobe stylists; they identify trends and develop looks based on the stuff in your closet. Let’s discuss seven closet organizing apps here:

Closet+ is like your own wardrobe assistant. You can import your clothes and categorize and subcategorize them in this app e.g. favorites, out-dated etc. You can also keep a track of when they were last worn and what their price is. It lets you plan your looks for the upcoming week as you can add items in its built-in calendar. Scrambling at the eleventh hour is the last thing it will let you do.

Stylebook App lets you curate your wardrobe, besides organizing it, when new items are put in. This app makes it easy for you to come up with a style when new entries are made in your wardrobe, curing your confusion. If you see something online and want to see how it looks with an existing, planned look of yours, you can now do it with the help of Stylebook App.

Cloth lets you share and categorize your outfits with friends. It is an iPhone app and is really helpful in getting your wardrobe done. What makes it different from other apps is its feature of picking up real-time weather conditions, assisting you to decide your outfit accordingly.

Bib +Tuck is your personal extras seller. Done with organizing and categorizing your wardrobe? What to do with the unwanted items? Not to worry, Bit +Tuck is the closet organizing app at your rescue. You can sell the items or outfits you don’t plan to wear. This app is kind of an online community/market of extra clothes where real fashionistas dwell, so, the better the items the more the money.

Twice app is not as picky as Bib +Tuck but it only works with well-known brands if you are planning to buy and sell clothes on it. Shoes, handbags and other items can be bought and sold on it, too.

Material Wrld is another app which enables you to sell clothes, which you no longer need, upfront. The payment would be upfront and they would instantly come and pick you your clothes and offer you prices for them. The best part of this app is that you can donate those extra clothes to charity, to disadvantaged women.

Livible frees your wardrobe of extra clothes by helping you move and keep them to a safe storage. All this can be done with just a few clicks on your smartphone. You just have to pack your things, they will come pick it up and will redeliver it on your request. Spring cleaning your closet? Pack the winter gear and let them store it safely until November!

42% of Consumers Prefer Valet Storage over Self-storage

Survey: 42% of Consumers Prefer Valet Storage over Self-Storage

While most men are still willing to lug their items to a self-storage unit, women, millennials and urban dwellers of all ages would prefer to have a valet storage company do the heavy lifting for them, according to a new survey released today.

With property and rental prices rising in major cities such as Seattle, living spaces are getting smaller and urban residents are on the lookout for convenient and affordable offsite storage. So it’s no surprise that 42% of consumers surveyed indicated they would rather use valet storage over self-storage. This and other compelling feedback was shared today from a national survey that asked more than 500 consumers about their need for, preferences using and past experiences with off-site storage.

What is Valet Storage?

Valet storage is a growing alternative to renting a traditional self-storage unit. It fills a void for consumers who don’t need large amounts of storage space but have seasonal or infrequently used items that clutter their homes. Seasonal items that are taking quite some considerable living space – such as skis, luggage, bikes, winter clothes, – may now be stored outside from your home but are always available right at your fingertips when you need them. Livible, a leading valet storage provider, does not only store your items but also includes pickup and delivery directly to your door and bill only for items stored, which makes valet storage a viable option against traditional self-storage.

No wonder consumers are quickly embracing valet storage. 42 percent of all respondents said they would rather use valet storage over self-storage if both were available to them; the number jumps to more than 50% among women, urban dwellers and millennials. Moreover, the surveys shows that valet storage appeals the most among people who have never used self-storage with 65% of those consumers saying they prefer valet storage.

“The survey results validate the huge opportunity for valet storage start-ups like us,” said Livible CEO and founder Terry Drayton. “Do-it-for-me is what a growing number of consumers who need off site storage want, especially those who haven’t or won’t use traditional self-storage. There is no question we’re growing the overall market by giving them a new option.”

Why They Prefer Valet Storage?

The survey shows that consumers are demanding more convenient and affordable off site storage options. Convenience was cited as the number one reason for considering valet storage (53 percent of respondents ages 18-44 and 62 percent among respondents 45-59). Among respondents who prefer valet storage, 69 percent cited time savings as a main reason, while 57 percent cited ‘no need to have a car or truck.’ Affordibility was second overall with nearly half of respondents appreciating that they only pay for what they actually stored instead of whatever size the self-storage unit was. About the same percentage cited the ability to rent a smaller unit with many comments indicating that even the smallest self-storage unit was much bigger and more expensive than they needed.

“Consumers who said they’d prefer using valet storage – and namely women, millennials and urban dwellers – expressed that convenience was the number one reason,” said Drayton.“ Affordability, as they only pay for what they store, was second. Our customers are paying an average of $25 a month to store five boxes and a bike or snowboard. That’s affordable for everyone in contrast to the more than $180 a month average for self-storage. In urban environments even the smallest unit is over $100 a month.”

What They Store?

Decorations for holidays and other events was the top item mentioned by over half of respondents followed by stuff that needs to be stored temporarily while moving. Next were seldom used items such as tools and luggage and seasonal items like clothing and sports equipment. Valet storage cater to almost anything that you want out of your home. A few examples are listed below.

  • Seasonal Clothing (winter coats, bulky sweaters, ski wear or summer dresses)
  • Decorations (for holidays from Christmas to Halloween)
  • Sporting goods (camping equipment, boots, balls)
  • Household items (extra kitchen items, linens, for students away at college)
  • Keepsakes (children’s art, family heirlooms, photographs)
  • Tools and equipment
  • Personal and business records (tax records, correspondence, accounting files)
  • Excess clutter and possessions (junk drawer contents, duplicate housewares, possessions stuffed under the bed, items to re-gift, and other things that you just can’t part with)
  • Bulky items such as bicycles, golf clubs, skis, snow boards, and more.

Survey Information

Over the past two years, valet storage start-ups have opened shop in a number of major cities across the U.S. with a specific focus on markets with substantial millennial and urban populations including Seattle, San Francisco, San Jose, Los Angeles, Washington DC, New York and Chicago. Livible polled 567 consumers in these cities to gauge their opinions about self-storage and valet storage. The online poll, administered by SurveyMonkey, was conducted between May 13 – 15, 2015 and involved a wide-range of consumers between the ages of 22-69, gender was equally split with approximately 43 percent living in apartments and 57 percent in detached single-family homes.

Shared-Economy Business Model

Unlike all of its valet storage competitors, Livible uses a ‘shared economy’ business model that partners with traditional self-storage companies and Uber-like independent contractors for pickup and delivery. Livible provides the vans and handles all the technology and logistics including pickup, delivery and billing. Livible rents units in self-storage facilities adding its racking and proprietary app-based technology to maximize space utilization and tracking of customer items. Self-storage partners add the valet storage option to their traditional business to increase the number of new customers they sign and decrease cancellations. If the self-storage partner helps them fill the unit Livible will also pay them double the regular rent so they make more money.

“By partnering with Livible now, traditional self-storage operators will be able to leverage their existing infrastructure and customer flows so they are well positioned to grow revenues and profits from valet storage,” said Drayton. “It’s a business model where everyone wins: customers, self-storage partners and us.”