Need a Closet Makeover?

Julie, lives in a modest one bedroom apartment. Her 6 foot by 6 foot closet was stuffed to the max – countless shoes on the top shelf alongside numerous jeans and t-shirts, work and play clothes intertwined and you couldn’t tell a shirt from a dress from a jacket. She was, in her words, “in a desperate need of a closet makeover, even an intervention”.

closet makeover


Like Julie, organizing your closet may be one of the challenges especially if you have a small space. From the right placement of everything inside your closet to the appropriate tools to use in keeping your closet neat, organized, and well accommodating. Apparently today, there are actually a lot of closet makeover ideas that are very much helpful in creating a better look and a more organized overall closet. Here are some tips to make your closet less cluttered.

Separate clothes accordingly

In ensuring a more organized closet, make sure that the hangers and clips are very much delicate and appropriate for your clothes since these hangers affect as well the overall look of the closet and the clothes. Also, separation of clothes according to its uses and forms is a much better idea. Separate the formal clothes from the casual ones, as well as the undergarments and other clothing apparels. In addition, you may add baskets or separate reservoirs for shoes and accessories allowing you to have a more convenient and easy-pick moments inside your closet.

Remove the spare stuff

One of the best ways to de-clutter your home is to start with removing the additional stuff from your house –  be it clothes, shoes, accessories or any other household item. If you have not used it from long time trust me you are never going to use that again.

Donate old things

Seattle-area residents have an easier way to tackle closet organization through new partnership with Value VillageLivible customers who schedule a pick-up or delivery can now easily give donations of gently used clothing and household items for delivery to a local Value Village. All donations benefit Seattle-area Value Village nonprofit partners including, Northwest CenterSightConnection and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Puget Sound.


Make a habit

Check wardrobes at least once in 3 months: This habit will help you in many ways if you segregate your stuff every 3 months’ possibilities of getting stressed due to unwanted stuff are very little and you can live a healthy and hassle free lifestyle. A healthy home not only leads to healthy lifestyle but it has also described in our holy books that a healthy home leads to healthy and close knitted family.

Organizing your closet requires time and effort, alongside the creative and artistic ideas. It may be minimalistic in look for a much neat and refreshing vibe or it may be rustic and vintage for a more stylish finish. These mainly depends on your personal preferences. Need a closet makeover? Perhaps Livible can help!

On-Demand Storage: What exactly is it?

On-demand storage service is a simple, painless solution to your storage problem. The service includes picking up the items you need to store and safely stores them for you. When you need your items back, these will have redelivered them right to your doorstep. Easy peasy..

on-demand storage

How it works

An evolution from the typical self-storage service, on-demand storage at Livible makes organization easy with these three steps:

  1. Schedule A Pickup – We’ll come to your door and pickup whatever you need.
  2. We Pickup Your Stuff – You don’t have to do any lifting or hard work.
  3. Re-delivery On Demand – Typically next day, including nights and weekends.

How much does it cost?

At Livible, you can store your items for only $1/item during your first month! Our new customer special includes free pickup and your first month of storage for just $1/item.

Storage is based on the total cubic feet of what you actually store each month. We measure each item so you know the size and provide automatic savings for higher volumes so the more you store the more you save. The customer average is one room with 35 items and a total of 200 cubic ft. With the new customer special that costs $35 for the first month and then $139/month thereafter. Pickup or delivery costs $15 plus a per item handling fee of $1 to $9 depending on the size and weight of the item. The per item handling fee for pickup and delivery is $1 for boxes and most items and up to $9 for very large items like couches and fridges. See our website for our pricing.

How does On-Demand Storage compare to traditional self-storage?

It’s easier, more convenient and less expensive than traditional self-storage. A few taps on our web version or mobile apps and we come right to your door to pickup or deliver your items. From a customer perspective, on demand storage looks like a way better experience and costs less.

Eventually, we believe on-demand storage will become the preferred and dominant choice of consumers. What our customers often mention as a parallel is what happened to Blockbuster and other video rental companies once Netflix and on demand services became available and $25B industry largely disappeared. It’s similar to what’s happening with Uber and traditional taxis where smart consumers vote with their wallets and feet for a better experience at a lower cost.

On-demand storage with Livible is easier, more convenient, and saves you 15% when compared to self-storage. Visit our website to get started!

Organizing Your Stress-Free Holiday Season

Holiday season technically ranges from the months of November up until the January. It is actually a 3-month fully-occupied schedule for everyone since people are busy doing shopping, cooking, working, decorating, and alike. More often than not, these chores and activities cause a lot of stress and hassles for people causing them to have a tiring season instead of a joyous one and you don’t want that for sure. Celebrating the season is quite challenging and tiring yet if you prepare before hand for these things and circumstances, you will more likely to enjoy and have merry holidays. Organizing is one of the keys in unlocking the secret to obtaining a happy holiday celebration but how to really prepare? Here are some tips to organizing your stress-free holiday season.


Pre-Season Preparations

One of the most primary things to do to prepare before the holidays is to actually have a To Do List because through the list you are about to make, you will have more authority in calculating all the possibilities that could happen within the range of the said season. Moreover, keeping up with your To Do List, enables you to maximize all the time you have and never neglect the essential things you want to happen.

Most of the people who experienced a stress-free celebration say that they always make To Do Lists since it cater more convenience and efficiency in executing these lists. It assists them with their gift shopping, cooking procedures, decorations to buy, and many more. To Do List actually sets a clear scopes and limitations causing to have a very effective and worry-free season.

During the Holidays

There are actually numerous of stress things that usually occur during the holidays such as the losing of time due to errands. The most effective way in omitting this kind of concern is by setting schedules and deadlines. Set a clear time frame of every activity to fully maximize your time in doing chores and activities.

Post-Season Organization

After the holidays, cleaning is one of the common concerns of many since decorations must be removed, as well as for the dirt and stains acquired from celebrations inside your home. Ask and get help if you really need one. You may hire cleaning services and other types of services that cater assistance to your cleaning schedule. There’s nothing wrong in asking help, even from your pals and relatives. Besides, you spent the holiday season with them. A great team work is a very effective tool in arriving to an overall great holiday.

Also, avoid the cluttering by sorting out which of the decorations and holiday stuff you are likely to stock are to be donated or sold.

Clutter: What To Do and When To Let Go

There are things in your home that needs to go and you are aware of that but you don’t want to throw them away or give them to someone else due to the thought of “Just-in-case” – the fact that your things have piled up already for several years, it’s is then already time to let go. But what are really these things? Here are signs and indications that your things and stuff have already turned into clutter:


Clothes and Apparels

Actually, it is a fact that only or almost half of what is in your closet are the only things you wear and use. There are a lot of clothes and garments inside your closet you are aware that you no longer wear and use them – either they are already small or you just don’t have any idea where and when to wear them. Moreover, there are clothes and garments that you are sure not to wear but you find them really pretty and attracting, just waiting for the right just-in-case moment – don’t. Usually, these clothes more often than are the ones that are needed to let go of because these only consume too much space.

Same applies to socks and undergarments, most of the time these are being stocked and piled up. You may want to check over these things because there are a lot to throw away.


Makeup tools and makeup are one of the things that usually turned into clutter for several homes of women today. Undeniably that makeup is really one of the needs and wants of many women today however, you don’t wear a full blast make up on a daily basis. Thus, there are a lot of tools that has already piled up on your shelf. Try to run over these and check what you can no longer use or what you don’t usually use and let these go.

Alongside the makeup, there are the nail polishes and other women’s accessories. Try to sort these things out because there are a lot to throw away since mostly of these things are already old and unusable already, especially the dried nail polishes for years!

Ultimately, these are only some the usual things inside your homes and residential areas that have already turned into clutter without you fully realizing them. There are things as well that you are worried to throw away since they are gifts but take note that it is okay after a quite some time of piling them up inside your closets and drawers. Let go of what you don’t usually use and especially the things that seem to just fill your just-in-case thoughts.

Decluttering: Introducing our Livible Ecosystem

Livible is expanding our on demand services and partners to make it easy to do whatever you need with your household items. Introducing the Livible Ecosystem.

Decluttering. No one likes to do it and it’s been on your to-do list for months. One of life’s most satisfying feelings can be found in a freshly organized space, lifting a weight off your shoulders you never knew you had!

When you are decluttering your space, we know just how tedious and overwhelming things can be, so we came up with a few ways to help get you started. We believe that living well begins with a healthy environment, that includes your home and workspace, which is why we’ve created the Livible Ecosystem!

Our Ecosystem is made up of our fantastic customers, local businesses, community partners and more to help you re-organize your space. Let’s get you started today:

Organizing help!

Do you need help packing or sorting through your things? TaskRabbit is an awesome company that helps regular people get through all kinds of tasks and activities with the help of their skilled employees. Big or small, TaskRabbit does it all. To make it even cooler, you name the price and don’t pay until it’s done – TaskRabbit staff are the best! Neighbours helping neighbours, learn more here.

Fix it or throw it away?

That is the question! When searching through the back of your closet or in the garage, you’re sure to find those not-quite-functional items you just can’t throw away! A bike with a popped tire, expensive leather shoes with a worn sole or a shoulder bag with a broken strap, it’s time to take action! There are loads of great repair companies in Seattle to choose from so we’ve narrowed them down with our own list to help you out. Check them out here.

Donate it!

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure – so stop throwing it away! We know you’re busy, stressed and pushed for time, and donating or recycling is an extra step you’re not always willing to take. We’re confident that our newest partners will make life easier and help you to be more environmentally conscious. Our friends at Seattle’s Value Village are accepting your donations with the help of Storrage. During any scheduled delivery or pickup, you can donate straight to Value Village. No car, no extra time needed – it’s that easy! Living Green Technology takes old electronics and safely recycles and disposes of the parts with our Earth in mind.

Remember, before throwing things out you can repair, share, donate, rent, sell, or organize and of course store!

We are looking for great partners! Please contact us at


Customer Story: Meet Marjorie and learn why she believes on demand storage is better than traditional self-storage

on demand storage is better than self-storageMarjorie shares with us how her family found ease, convenience and savings using Livible and how they prefer it to traditional self-storage. Here’s her story.

Tell us about yourself:

I am married to a lovely man, second marriage for both.  I work full time as a systems analyst.  Outside of work I love walking around the city, thrift shopping, and getting together with family and friends. When my husband and I moved in together several years ago, we decided to rent a house large enough to accommodate our combined 5 kids, all in various phases of transient life (college, etc).   Not only did we combine lives, but we also combined all of our “stuff” as well as a lot of our kids’ stuff! In 2013 we decided it was time to downsize and went from 4000 SF to 1300 SF.  Even after giving away or selling a significant amount of our belongings we still had too much to bring with us to our condo, so we ended up putting a lot of it in a traditional self-storage facility.   After months of having to drive back and forth to the storage place whenever we needed something, maintaining spreadsheets to keep track of what was stored where, we heard about Livible (then Storrage) through Terry Drayton who is a friend of my husbands.  That was IT!  We moved everything out of the expensive and inconvenient self-storage location and sent it all to Livible.

What do you think are the key benefits of using Livible?

  • On demand storage rather than having to make multiple trips to self-storage facility ourselves. This is a huge stress and time saver!
  •  So much more cost effective than traditional storage
  • Being able to easily keep track of our belongings using the app
  • Being able to more easily donate unwanted belongings

In a few sentences, could you describe your experience using the Livible boxes, the app and the driver?

The app is amazing!  It is so easy to schedule pickup and delivery and it is so much easier to keep track of our belongings!  (We always include a photo with the description.)  The blue Livible containers are sturdy and hold a lot, and the driver was absolutely amazing!  He was on time, cheerful and extremely flexible when we ended up having more than our original estimate.

What did you put into Livible containers?

Too much to list!  Linens, books, shoes, dishes, electronics, and clothes, to name a few. We also sent some things packed in our own boxes, as well as furniture.

How did Livible make your move-out easier?

When we put our condo on the market (relatively short notice) we had to seriously de-clutter it to get it ready for open houses and showings.  In a 3-day span we were able to get Livible containers delivered, fill them up and send them temporarily to Livible.  Our realtor could not believe what a great job we did and so fast! Once we closed on our new house we were able to arrange to have our belongings delivered, some to our new house, and some to our kids’ apartments, as well as donate a bunch of unwanted things to Value Village.  The fact that the app allowed us to create multiple folders to track things made it extremely easy to arrange for delivery to multiple locations. 

Would you recommend Livible to your friends and family?

I have and will absolutely continue to do so!

Do you have a Livible testimonial? We’d love to hear from you. Email us at Follow us on Twitter and Facebook to know more on Livible.

25 Easy-to-Follow Ideas for Organizing Small Living Spaces

Everyone has different ideas about managing with small spaces. Others believe that it’s all about removing excess things but it’s about arranging and organizing your stuff in order. Choose and pick what you think works best for you. Check the best 25 ideas on organizing small living spaces:

  1. Buy a bed that can be used as storage for your stuff. There are some beds that have drawers underneath.
  2. Buy things that you can use for a long time and handle them with care. Even if you need to save money, focus on buying high quality and long-lasting furniture and things.
  3. Choose goods that have soft, padded covering and can be put into cases that give them floor clearance.  Air gives a visual illusion of more spaces in a small area.
  4. Depict some room arrangements on a paper and choose what works best for you.
  5. Hang some cup hooks everywhere but make sure to keep things off the counters and floor. Don’t consume a lot of space for cup hooks even though they’re inexpensive and easy to buy.
  6. Hang up fresh flowers.
  7. Have small appliances, pots and pans.
  8. Have windows or overhead skylight as much as possible to bring natural light in.
  9. Having built-ins or vertical storage can lessen the space for your stuffs. If you don’t need certain stuff, remove it.
  10. If you want an open layout, exclude doors. Put up curtains for privacy if needed.
  11. In case you are a collector, change your collections in order. This way, it will lessen visual clutter.
  12. Open your CDs, transfer it into a hard drive, and then sell your albums.
  13. Organize the space properly.
  14. Plan a shelving or other storage solution in case that a particular spot attracts clutter.
  15. Post in if you have finished reading a book. You can swap books in that website.
  16. Put stuffs that you don’t use daily into a storage container.
  17. Putting a mirror or reflective surfaces gives an illusion of added space.
  18. Putting wall-mounted shelves and shelves above the door can be helpful if you’re planning to put decorations like plants, small sculptures, antique stuffs, etc.
  19. Try using “One In, One Out” strategy.
  20. Use fairly neutral color scheme including shades of the same color. Or,..
  21. Use multi-functional furniture such as an ottoman that can be used for storage, as a footstool or even as a coffee table.
  22. Use something to hang your kitchenware and stuffs like a pot rack.
  23. Use stove top or oven instead of using microwave.
  24. You can use bold color schemes since it gives a “wow” and dark colors conceal corner shadows. But, cohesive colors scheme is nice too.
  25. You can use the corners.

Got more tips on organizing a small living spaces? Feel free to comment below.

No Space? Create a Household Storage Plan

You look at your closet and what you saw was pile of boxes, crammed cabinets, basement that are bursting with boxes, boxes and boxes. Yes, we know that exact feeling, you want bigger house, larger storage areas, and all you want is to organize everything, and just throw away those things that are piling up. But, we will tell you this, a bigger house is not the answer to this, what you need to do is to have the right household storage plan, and this is easy as ABC.

A for Assessment

To start that household storage plan, you will need to have a pen and a paper. Walk around the house and write all the possible storage areas, at the same time, refresh your mind on what are the things that are stored in those areas. Once that you have listed down the possible storage areas, be specific on what to store on those areas. The next thing that you need to do is to list all the stuff that are still needed to be stored such as out of season clothing, seasonal decorations, household files, keepsake items,
luggage, sporting goods and tools and hardware.

B for Banish and Box

So you are done with listing all the necessary items, now go to each storage areas, know which items are needed to be stored, and those that are needed to be banished and box. Since you have taken down notes on where to put each item, and categorize them in which storage area to store, sort the items and box them if still necessary, however, if needed be, just throw them away or donate them to charity. And do take note that clearing the storage area is a race, slow and steady until you finish it all the way.

C for Corral and Control

You have done a great job there, sorting out items and putting them on the same storage area. Boxing things that are not needed and you are now on the final step, you need to control and make sure that the storage areas remain that way. You will need to have an Inventory Control List, list down everything that are still outside the box, put them in a plastic storage containers and it is best if you put marks on it, like red for Christmas holidays, green for garden equipment, and at the same time, record this as you do it, so that the next time you want to pull out something, you know exactly where they are.

Get your family involved! Keep everyone abreast about the household storage plan that you have in place, so that you will have the convenience or an organized home.

9 Tips on How to Make Your Small Space Studio Apartment Looks Big

Whether you just moved into your first apartment or you just need to transfer in a smaller area, studio apartments display some unique challenges. With just one room to fix and others out on display, separating
your bedroom from your kitchen is a tedious task. It does not matter what is your storage condition, these tips will surely help you design and modernize your studio apartment into the most elegant small area in the building.

1.    Allow the Light to Enter. Do not use heavy curtains and put lots of light fixtures to make the studio look larger, more welcoming and cleaner.

2.    Consider Your Movement. Consider how you will move in the room and place the furniture accordingly. You will feel even more overcrowded if you keep on tripping on the couch before you could reach the closet. Having clear pathways, you will enjoy the apartment even if you are clumsy.

3.    Organize the Furniture. Apply furniture placement to arrange furnishings in smaller groups in the room. Since walls are not available to act as dividers, you can use rugs, lighting and furniture to separate the areas while still keeping the area airy and open.

4.    Use Flexible Furniture. Multipurpose furnishings are preferred and in a smaller area like a studio type apartment, they can be a lifesaver. Heavy duty furniture is a good furnishing to have around.

5.    Organize Everything. If you can organize everything, it is best to do it particularly if you are living in a studio apartment where everything is on display. Look for some storage organizers that look attractive and then place those things that you don’t need at all.

6.    Add Artwork. To added effects and personality in your space, you can display some of your art work on the walls to make the area look unique. There are several ways to hang an art without using a hammer, so even renters can have a gallery wall.

7.    Manage Clutter. Some normally place piles of throw pillow in their sofa, but in smaller spaces, these will provide a chaotic feeling. To prevent the clutter, pick one unique piece to group things based on shape or color.

8.    Create a Pretty Storage. Keep organized, but make sure to do it attractively by placing stuff in colorful boxes and baskets.

9.    Vertical is Good. Since in floor space is limited in a studio apartment, you can use the walls to put some mementos on your floating shelves. These shelves are ideal for rotating displays, and you can change the look of your decorations base on the season and your mood.

How to Store Refrigerators and Chest Freezers

If you are in the middle of the large-scale renovations or is about to move, you cannot keep your freezer or refrigerator at home. Sadly, it is not just as simple as hauling these huge appliances into your unit. If you do, moisture can produce mold, mildew, and rust. To store refrigerators and chest freezers whilst you’re on the move, unplug these appliances one day before you plan to move them. This is enough time to let the ice defrost, take everything out of the cabinets and then clean the trays and shelves. Caustic cleaners are not required to do this. A mixture of water and soap is enough to get rid of any food stuck on it. If in case your fridge has a built-in ice maker, find the water holding tank and discard it. Disconnect the pipes that are connected to the water supply and allow it to dry.

When it’s time to get packing, remember that Livible is your friend! If you’ve got limited space in to store refrigerators, consider packing some things up with us. We’ll deliver the boxes, you pack up using our clever Livible App to help take pictures and label the contents and we can take them from your old home to your new home.