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Value Village Partners with Storrage to Make Donations More Convenient for Seattle Residents

Seattle-area residents now have an easier way to tackle home organization through our new partnership with Value Village. Storrage customers who schedule a pick-up or delivery can now easily give donations of gently used clothing and household items for delivery to a local Value Village. All donations benefit Seattle-area Value Village nonprofit partners including, Northwest […]

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Tips and Tricks for Renting your Home during Vacation

Tips and Tricks for Renting your Home during Vacation You look like you could use a vacation! You look like you could use a loooong vacation… and we’re here to help you do it. Renting or swapping your house, condo or apartment at home while you’re away on vacation can help cover some of the […]

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July 4th Independence Day

July 4th Independence Day July 4th is fast approaching, which means its about time to start planning your holiday! There are a ton of things going on in Seattle and the surrounding area for the long-weekend but we’ve decided to simplify things and head out for an old-fashioned picnic! We’ve gathered up some handy tips […]

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Customer Story: Meet Spencer, UW Intern and Storrage User!

Meet Spencer, UW Intern and Storrage User! Spencer is a business major at the University of Washington who lives off-campus in a 7 bedroom house, along with 6 other roommates. Studying business, with a focus on entrepreneurship, has led Spencer to accept a student internship here at Storrage, where he has been an important facilitator […]

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The Fremont Fair

The Fremont Fair szelence:😀 by Divine Harvester on Flickr. The Fremont Fair celebrates its 43rd year this month and we can’t wait to be a part of it! One of Seattle’s most beloved and longstanding festivals, the Fremont Fair is the culmination of three events: (1) the Solstice Fair, (2) the Solstice Parade and (3) […]

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Customer Story: Meet Storrage User Melissa and Learn About Her Life In Seattle

“Things in the house that didn’t have a “home” before, now have a place to live.“ – Melissa, Storrage Customer We talked to Melissa from Queen Anne about her experience with Storrage. Read on to learn more! Describe your experience using the Storrage App. “Getting started couldn’t have been any easier. I simply downloaded the […]

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Urban Gardening in Seattle

Seattle holds claim as one of the top 10 cities in the US for urban gardening. What began as a city sanctioned phenomenon in the 1980’s, has spread a long way. From community shared plots to apartment balconies, Seattle has embraced the movement, bringing people together and veggies closer to home. modestys: hello, november by liza […]

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Bring on The Bikes!

Life is better with bikes, which is why offering affordable and secure bike storage has been part of our company since the start. Now that it’s warmer, and the streets are cleaner, we’re here to deliver your bikes back to your doorstep and get you moving on two wheels once again! Don’t move too fast […]

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Welcome to Livible Life

Welcome to Livible Life, the blog for We expand your living space! We also collect and share the stories of our company and those of people who’ve used as well as benefited from our service. Whether it’s highlighting local businesses, non-profit organizations or the latest and greatest from local Seattle events we’re involved in; […]

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