Unboxing on-demand storage service: What’s the deal?

On-demand storage is a modern and realistic solution to solve all the storage problems without any hassles. The service, as the name suggest, is a way for you to store your items in a safe place and get them delivered to you whenever you need them back. The service includes the pick-up of items from your doorstep, where it proceeds to be stored safely with the on-demand storage provider. Whenever you need your items back, the service will have it delivered to the address you ask them to, within a short period of time. On-demand storage is storage logistics made easier for everyone. 

on-demand storage

How does on-demand storage service work?

The working model of on-demand storage services is fairly simple. The process involves of the following steps:

  • A pickup is scheduled by you, i.e. the customer, with the pickup address and timing being scheduled according to the mutual convenience of the service and the client.
  • None of the hard work to move your items has to be done, as the service usually picks up the items from your doorstep according to the scheduled pickup time and place.
  • Once you need your items back, your items are redelivered back to you. The redelivery process is fast, with you getting back your items within a day or two of the request.

On demand storage – costs involved

The pricing of the on-demand storage service is based upon two factors:

  1. The volume of the item being stored
  2. The duration for which the item is to be stored

Per these two parameters, the storage cost is decided. Naturally, the cost of the on-demand storage service goes up as the size of the item and the duration of stay increases. However, many on-demand storage services provide cheaper pricing plans for customers looking to use the service for bulk items. As the number of storage items increase, the cost of the service significantly lowers.

Who is it for?

On demand storage service is an ideal solution for individuals as well as businesses. For individuals who do not have enough space at their home to store one of their beloved belonging, this service is an ideal choice to store the item. Until it is needed again, it can be stored safely with the service. For businesses, the service provides a much needed relief from the trouble of storing items for their inventory.

For individuals and businesses alike, on-demand storage is a blessing in disguise!

Like other growing full-service storage providers, Livible stores customers’ belongings for them at secure facilities, gives them an app to track what they have in storage and will pick up or deliver items on demand.

“Long term, we think on-demand will completely replace self-storage, just like mobile phones replaced pay phones, and Netflix and Xfinity replaced Blockbuster,” says Terry Drayton, Livible CEO and Founder.

“Customers see that it’s easy and friendly and less expensive. We think it’ll become, overwhelmingly, the way for the (self-storage) business to go.” Drayton said.

Do you need storage for your personal and household items? Livible is easier, more convenient and saves you 15% when compared to self-storage. We do all the work so you don’t have to!