Save on storage with Livible!

Save on storage with Livible! Livible is different from traditional self storage because you can pay per box, per month. Livible is easier, more convenient, and saves you 15% when compared to self-storage.

Save on storage

You don’t have to rent an entire locker, and Livible would pickup and drop off their boxes whenever customers wanted. With this service, you can now have more choices for what happens with your boxes once Livible carries them off.

For instance, if you have a kayak in storage you want to loan to a friend, Livible will drop it off there and pick it back up. If you want to sell something, you just tell Livible what price you’re looking for and the startup will post it to Craigslist, handle the exchange and collect the money for you. Livible will also help you rent, donate or even trade items you’re keeping in storage.

The idea is to do whatever it takes to help users get unused items out of their houses.

One differentiation from self-storage, where customers pay a standard price per unit size no matter how much space they really need, is that Livible charges people only for the space used. “We give you exactly the space you need,” Drayton said. “You can’t do that in the self-storage world.”

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