Clutter: What To Do and When To Let Go

There are things in your home that needs to go and you are aware of that but you don’t want to throw them away or give them to someone else due to the thought of “Just-in-case” – the fact that your things have piled up already for several years, it’s is then already time to let go. But what are really these things? Here are signs and indications that your things and stuff have already turned into clutter:


Clothes and Apparels

Actually, it is a fact that only or almost half of what is in your closet are the only things you wear and use. There are a lot of clothes and garments inside your closet you are aware that you no longer wear and use them – either they are already small or you just don’t have any idea where and when to wear them. Moreover, there are clothes and garments that you are sure not to wear but you find them really pretty and attracting, just waiting for the right just-in-case moment – don’t. Usually, these clothes more often than are the ones that are needed to let go of because these only consume too much space.

Same applies to socks and undergarments, most of the time these are being stocked and piled up. You may want to check over these things because there are a lot to throw away.


Makeup tools and makeup are one of the things that usually turned into clutter for several homes of women today. Undeniably that makeup is really one of the needs and wants of many women today however, you don’t wear a full blast make up on a daily basis. Thus, there are a lot of tools that has already piled up on your shelf. Try to run over these and check what you can no longer use or what you don’t usually use and let these go.

Alongside the makeup, there are the nail polishes and other women’s accessories. Try to sort these things out because there are a lot to throw away since mostly of these things are already old and unusable already, especially the dried nail polishes for years!

Ultimately, these are only some the usual things inside your homes and residential areas that have already turned into clutter without you fully realizing them. There are things as well that you are worried to throw away since they are gifts but take note that it is okay after a quite some time of piling them up inside your closets and drawers. Let go of what you don’t usually use and especially the things that seem to just fill your just-in-case thoughts.