Moving Soon? Try Livible Labels!

livible labels

Moving is inevitable and undoubtedly crazy at its peak. Even though we can afford a professional mover, the mere thought of packing and moving your things can sometimes drive us nuts. Good thing technology is catching up – fast. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Livible Labels.

Livible Labels are printable codes that can be put on the outside of any box or container so they can be easily found moving forward. It catalogues everything we packed and organizing it in the best possible way, so in future it’ll be easier to remember where and what stuff were packed.

Customers can take pictures of what’s going into each box,
and add details such as a list of the items and where the box is stored. When it’s time to put everything in the right places, they can easily use the app to quickly and effortlessly find it. The most popular feature – “What’s in this box?” – allows customers to see what’s in a box without opening it. You wouldn’t want to end up putting a heavy box in an upstairs bedroom that was really meant for your basement, and have to relocate it. Save your lower back!

Customers can purchase additional labels in the app to print themselves for immediate use. Pre-printed labels can also be purchased from Extra Space Storage locations across the United States at a retail price of
$9.99 for 20 labels.

When it’s time to get packed and moving, remember that Livible Labels is your friend!