4 Quick Tips to Spring Cleaning your Closet

Spring is officially here – it’s time to clean the closets. Wardrobes
and closets are always messy with useless things and with the passage of
time they get ever messier because of us not paying any attention to them.
So as we welcome spring, let’s us sort all the mess out of our closets.
Here are a few tips to spring cleaning your closet:

1. Do It All At Once

The only reason we don’t get our closets cleaned in time is because
procrastination gets the best of us. We try to clean our closets little by
little, which is highly ineffective. Schedule a good time to do it all at
once and tidy it all in one huge haul.

2. Pull Everything Out

Pull everything out of the closet when you begin to tidy it up. Put
everything onto the floor, don’t keep anything in the closet. Once you are
done with this, cull all the useless clothes you don’t wear because you
need to make some space. Keep the ones you like to wear and throw the ones
you don’t need.

3. Divide Items into Categories

Ever heard of the proverb, “Divide and Conquer”? If yes, then this is
what you need to do with your clothes. Divide them into categories and
subcategories because this is the most efficient way of organizing your
clothes. Shirts, pants, dresses, scarves, sweaters, footwear, etc. Do this
so you can see how much of each category you have.

4. Decide Which Clothes You Want To Keep

In each category you’ve identified, decide which items you want to hold
onto and don’t forget to keep the season in mind. For spring, introduce
light colors in your wardrobe to give it a bright touch, and store the
winter clothes in a box or a suitcase (or better yet, Livible).
Once you have decided which clothes you want to keep for the season, fold
them up so they can be accessed easily.