Only 2 more days of Un-Deck the Halls

2 more days to go and it’s Un-deck the Halls!

We’re down to the last two days of our Un-Deck the Halls promo!
Holiday decorations are the usual item that you should keep in storage in your home for most of the year and ensure that they are still in mint condition next Christmas.

What ends up happening though is that we forget about some festive ornaments and other holiday decorations because we have no idea where we put them, or they’re not something we actually like anymore and don’t want to use again.

That’s how we end up with holiday clutter.

Good thing, if you are still on the last stretch of organizing your Christmas embellishments – and still wondering where you are going to put your tree – you can still Un-Deck the Halls till Jan 31st!

Holiday items you may want to declutter include the following:

  • Christmas ornaments
  • Christmas lights
  • Wreaths and garland
  • Outdoor Christmas decorations
  • Miscellaneous indoor Christmas decorations
  • Wrapping supplies, including paper, bows, ribbon, etc.
  • Gift bags and boxes
  • Artificial Christmas tree (yes, we’ll take your tree, too!)

Ready to Un-Deck the Halls? Here’s a quick video on how on place your first order – in less than 2 minutes!