Introducing the Storrage Closet Makeover!

Thanks to our friends great idea and awesome feedback we are thrilled to launch Storrage Closet Makeover.

Everybody loves a Makeover!

For most startups, attracting new customers is goal number one. And it’s always challenging, especially when introducing a brand new service, because it requires finding early adopters who are willing to be the first to try it out. When we launched Storrage a year ago we thought “this time it would be different” as literally every single person we talked to raved about what a great idea we had. What we quickly learned, however, is that getting the world to beat a path to your door is always hard work! Social media – technology enabled word of mouth – has also made it easier for new services that deliver great value for customers to prosper. New customers quickly embraced our service and rightfully demanded and received excellent service.

Over the past year we carefully expanded our service area in both geography and what we handled adding bikes to kayaks in response to customer requests. We also improved our mobile app with 10 new releases in response to customer requests and will shortly add a web version for the same reason. One of the areas we’ve had the most fun with customers is trying different ways to attract them. Our ecosystem initiative, including partnership with Value Village, is a great example that reflects how we and our customers feel about the environment. We are united in a drive to “keep it out of the landfill”.

We recently hosted an event for the Washington Multi-Family Housing Association at our office and warehouse in Seatac. We asked attendees, who work each day with people living in apartments, condominiums, townhouses and other multi-family dwellings, for their best ideas on getting them to give Storrage a try. Everyone admits they need our service, it’s convenient and affordable but many find it hard to get started so what should we do? They claim it was the wine we poured but two very clever attendees, Heather Edwards and Leslie Barry of Apartment Advantage, came up with a great idea that we decided to implement immediately.

What they suggested was fun and simple – both are really important for Storrage. So here is their idea: we all know someone – family or friends – whose closet could use a little help so why doesn’t Storrage do that for them. And make it a party to unveil the closet afterwards with wine (yes, a recurring theme) for some invited guests. We loved it, added some extras and then quickly tested it with two people. We learned a lot! One of the most interesting was that almost no one wanted to share their closet before the makeover. That works for us as we’re nutty about your privacy – we can’t see any of your information as it’s none of our business. The other was that it was essential to add chocolate for the party, so we did: our own, home grown Seattle Chocolates for all! And finally, the makeover process needs to be “kind” and take a maximum of one hour.

Our first test, Julie, lives in a modest one bedroom apartment. Her 6 foot by 6 foot closet was stuffed to the max – countless shoes on the top shelf alongside numerous jeans and t-shirts, work and play clothes intertwined and you couldn’t tell a shirt from a dress from a jacket. She was, in her words, “in a desperate need of a makeover, even an intervention”. It was a challenge to complete her makeover in our allotted one hour time to makeover her closet before her friends arrived, but we did it. We started by pulling out her clothing she was never going to wear (items she had had since college!) and put them directly into a Value Village donation bag so that Storrage could drop the donations off on the way back to the warehouse. Of course, we gave her a Value Village donation receipt! Next, we sorted through all of her clothing by type, re-organized it and put all back in her closet. We also sorted through her shoes and put the ones she would never wear again in the Value Village bag, which opened up a lot of space on her upper shelf. Once that was complete, we pulled her seasonal items that she wouldn’t be wearing and put those in Storrage containers. The end result was a beautifully organized closet. Julie was ecstatic that she would be able to find and wear outfits she had forgotten about because of the mess her closet had become. And, because Julie “won” her makeover, she also received three months free storage for her seasonal clothing we put in the containers, along with a few select gift cards to refresh her wardrobe. She celebrated with her friends with our complimentary wine and Seattle Chocolates, while her seasonal items were picked up and taken to the Storrage warehouse. Her guests also enjoyed a free Storrage container to keep.

Our second test, Jean, lives in a house with a fair amount of storage space. Her youngest is a high school senior so she’s planning the “downsize” in the near future and hopes to get a smaller place where she and her fiancé can walk to restaurants and shopping. Jean knows she won’t be able to move until she tames her closet and storage items. Her walk-in closet was about 15 feet long so there wasn’t any way to get through it in one hour so the focus was on one section with workout and seasonal clothes. Some great indicators that it’s time to part with your treasures: if friends want to borrow it for costume parties, if it still has tags from 2007 or if you burst into laughter when you pick it up. Plus it feels really good to donate items to Value Village knowing they will make a difference in someone else’s life. The hour flew by with the result three Value Village bags and one Storrage container. In a discussion with the primarily woman attendees afterwards, the suggestion was made that the place and person who’d really like something like this is “our garage and my husband. He dreams of parking the car there.” A superb idea (thanks Dina!).

Now, thanks to Heather and Leslie’s great idea and Julie and Jean’s awesome feedback we are thrilled to launch Closet Makeover. Here’s how it works:

  1. Anyone can nominate their friends or family members. Just tell us why you think they need or should win our free Closet Makeover and Party. They do need to live in our Seattle Service area.
  2. We’ll choose a winner each week and contact them to set a date for the makeover. We’ll also contact the friends or family the winner wants to invite them to the after party.
  3. The day of the Closet Makeover begins 5-6pm. Only the winner and Storrage Organizer will see the closet before and participate in the makeover. Once complete, the invited friends and family come for a party around 7-8pm, with wine, Seattle Chocolates and giveaways for all provided by Storrage and partners to unveil and celebrate the newly organized closet.

One of the things we found fascinating about each of our events, was that most of the guests wanted to purchase our Closet Makeover for themselves, friends or family. We love that idea so we’re also launching the Storrage Closet Makeover on Amazon Local with two price options; one without a party for $49 or one with a party for $99. Both include one month free storage for up to five containers. (It’s a great gift idea too.) Also, based on the feedback of Jean’s friends, be sure to look for our Storrage Garage Makeover coming soon!

Know of someone you think needs a Closet Makeover? Click here to nominate them!