Declutter Your Home In Just One Click: PSBJ

Ask anyone, especially women, if they have enough closet space and they will almost always say “no.”

That’s particularly true for people living in apartments and condos — a growing segment of the population here in the Puget Sound area. About 10 percent of households use self-storage facilities when they need extra space, but, let’s face it, no one really wants to go to one. And they are expensive, averaging $182 a month. Storrage offers a better option by coming to your door to pick up items you don’t use very often, and safely stores them — items such as decorations, seasonal clothes and shoes, luggage, keepsakes, tools, camping gear, skis and other sports gear. When customers need their items back, they use our free mobile app and we deliver them back to their doorstep, usually the next day.

Excerpted from a feature article published today in the Puget Sound Business Journal. A complete reprint of the article, used with permission, can be viewed here.

Special thanks to our awesome customer Dani for sharing her home and The NOLO for allowing us to take pictures of their amenity-filled building.