Failure is an option: Lessons from Livible Founder, Terry Drayton

Terry Drayton has had two start-ups stonewashed by crashes. But that didn’t discourage him. He’s back with a new one, Livible, and this time he wants to disrupt the market with his on-demand storage service.

Terry Drayton
Terry Drayton, founder of Livible.

Products flop. Ideas don’t pan out. Hires turn toxic. Companies go bankrupt.

Most businesses fail, and for those that succeed, an array of elements of everyday operations falls flat on its face. Every failure can be traced back to a founder, especially in a small company.

But there’s no avoiding the screw-ups, so serial entrepreneurs learn to use the mishaps to their advantage.

“Something you learn as an entrepreneur is resiliency, and turning failures into learning experiences,” Verschueren said. “Sometimes people are serial entrepreneurs not because one startup is a huge success and they want more, but because one fizzles out and they just start again.”

Those who are able to turn mistakes into learning experiences often are those who don’t hold their own ideas sacred, and let the end user of their product or service determine what works and what doesn’t.

“Accept the fact that if you put something out there, and people don’t like it, that’s the stuff you listen to,” Terry Drayton said. “Customers are smart as hell. I’ve had many of my favorite ideas crash and burn when we put it on the market, and that’s fine. Try it, and if it works, keep it. If it doesn’t work, try something else.”

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7 Defining Characteristics of Serial Entrepreneurs
By Jake Bullinger on September 23 2015

Speed Cleaning after the Holidays

Clutters are everywhere after the holidays, apply speed cleaning for time efficient and productive household.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year once again. During this festive season, your house is hosting series of parties and gatherings. Gifts are all over the living area and spills are messing up your carpets.


Speed cleaning is an easy, time-efficient and productive method to clean households. Only a few can effectively implement this method of cleaning, simply follow these 4 Way methods religiously:

Go Green

Have yourself ready with disposable and biodegradable products during the holidays. You are not only saving yourself from such horrible cleaning but you’re saving Mother Nature as well. All year round, you can store up thrifty and ‘green’ products and start using them; you’ll become a “green warrior” come the holidays.

Stack on Trash

Organize clutter sounds weird but it is effective. Put on waste baskets in key areas of your households to avoid piles of clutter everywhere. You may want to consider the recycling options to make it handier for sorting later. Let go of the stuff you have stored from the previous holidays, you might not need them now.

Bottle Up

Well, there will be a lot of unfinished cans of chips and other food on the counter; pile them up using nice glass jars or bottles and store them up for future use. Rather than throwing it all in the bin, check out the labels to be sure it isn’t expired and store. So before the holidays, make sure you have these nice jars/bottles ready.

Clutter Free

It is always exciting to try and experience new things and go to new places. If you have planned a Holiday to-do list, make sure you included a special place to spend it with the family. Usually, kitchens will be the most dirty and busy place during the holidays, why not try to spend it in new places and experience a once in a lifetime Christmas or new year? You are saving yourself from messy household while creating memories with your loved ones.

Nobody wants a messy house after the holidays. So instead of scratching and squeezing dirt all over, relax and apply speed cleaning.

3 Essential Ways to Be Happy and Successful in 2017

A New Year’s resolution is no doubt a common and cliché thing for everybody but still a lot of people are actually engaging their selves into writing and posing resolutions every New Year since these things are more likely to help them achieve their dreams and aspirations the coming year. Apparently, no doubt that everyone experienced a lot of stress and struggles the last few months of the current year and you are surely looking forward especially to the coming new year for a better purpose and version of the previous ones. These are the essential ways to be happy and successful in 2017.

Commit To Positive Mornings

Having a positive outlook in the morning helps you to build a happy day. Apparently, studies and specialists say that the way you handle your mornings is the solid foundation of your overall day. The more positive you are the moment you wake up, it largely affects your mood and perspective for the whole day.

Commit yourself to a positive morning by allotting a minute of meditation, or a small prayer of gratitude and appreciation. Also, fill your stomach with healthy food or smoothie. Through and by these, you are allowing more positive energies to your body and mind, causing you to have a great day, great mood, and great perspective about everything that comes through your way.

Go Easier on Yourself

People tend to abuse their own bodies by working too much, or by eating unhealthy foods. Some also immersed their selves into different vices that cause no good but harm to the overall state. In addition, people tend to punish themselves by the mistakes of the past that sometimes really have no bearing for the benefit of the future.

To be happy and successful in 2017, try to be gentle with yourself. Love and take good care of your own self like what you do for the people you love as well. Have time for the essential things in life such as relationships, communications, passions, and a lot more that will contribute to the better version of you. Take a break from all the stress and pamper yourself.

Embrace a Happy Mindset

Always feed your mind and soul positive and constructive thoughts because through these kinds of thoughts, it will enable you to unlock different opportunities and possibilities especially crafted for you. Try reading positive thoughts and apply it daily. It is a step by step process in transforming minds and touching soul, nevertheless, the outcome will always be worth it. A happy mindset creates a huge impact on the surroundings, thus, produces a more positive and meaningful reality in your life.

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It’s fun to decorate your halls for the holidays – putting up the lights, family pictures, the wreath, the tree with ornaments and tinsel. That is what makes this such a beautiful time of the year!


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Unboxing on-demand storage service: What’s the deal?

On-demand storage is a modern and realistic solution to solve all the storage problems without any hassles. The service, as the name suggest, is a way for you to store your items in a safe place and get them delivered to you whenever you need them back. The service includes the pick-up of items from your doorstep, where it proceeds to be stored safely with the on-demand storage provider. Whenever you need your items back, the service will have it delivered to the address you ask them to, within a short period of time. On-demand storage is storage logistics made easier for everyone. 

on-demand storage

How does on-demand storage service work?

The working model of on-demand storage services is fairly simple. The process involves of the following steps:

  • A pickup is scheduled by you, i.e. the customer, with the pickup address and timing being scheduled according to the mutual convenience of the service and the client.
  • None of the hard work to move your items has to be done, as the service usually picks up the items from your doorstep according to the scheduled pickup time and place.
  • Once you need your items back, your items are redelivered back to you. The redelivery process is fast, with you getting back your items within a day or two of the request.

On demand storage – costs involved

The pricing of the on-demand storage service is based upon two factors:

  1. The volume of the item being stored
  2. The duration for which the item is to be stored

Per these two parameters, the storage cost is decided. Naturally, the cost of the on-demand storage service goes up as the size of the item and the duration of stay increases. However, many on-demand storage services provide cheaper pricing plans for customers looking to use the service for bulk items. As the number of storage items increase, the cost of the service significantly lowers.

Who is it for?

On demand storage service is an ideal solution for individuals as well as businesses. For individuals who do not have enough space at their home to store one of their beloved belonging, this service is an ideal choice to store the item. Until it is needed again, it can be stored safely with the service. For businesses, the service provides a much needed relief from the trouble of storing items for their inventory.

For individuals and businesses alike, on-demand storage is a blessing in disguise!

Like other growing full-service storage providers, Livible stores customers’ belongings for them at secure facilities, gives them an app to track what they have in storage and will pick up or deliver items on demand.

“Long term, we think on-demand will completely replace self-storage, just like mobile phones replaced pay phones, and Netflix and Xfinity replaced Blockbuster,” says Terry Drayton, Livible CEO and Founder.

“Customers see that it’s easy and friendly and less expensive. We think it’ll become, overwhelmingly, the way for the (self-storage) business to go.” Drayton said.

Do you need storage for your personal and household items? Livible is easier, more convenient and saves you 15% when compared to self-storage. We do all the work so you don’t have to!

Inside Livible: The Evolving Nature of Full-Service Storage

Customer demand drove Terry Drayton to change the name of his pick-up-and-delivery storage company from “Storrage” to “Livible” about one year ago.

But over the last three years since the company started, a lot more has changed besides the name.

“Customers asked us to help them with much more than storage, so Storrage wasn’t a good fit anymore,” said Drayton, founder/CEO and a Seattle-based serial entrepreneur perhaps best known for founding “We needed a brand that works for all the ecosystem services – donations, moving, sharing, selling and renting.”

Livible operates in Seattle and Portland, OR, with 10 employees and four vehicles, and Drayton plans a national rollout in the top 40 U.S. metropolitan areas in 2017. He’s in the midst of a venture financing round, which has raised $4 million and aims to top out between $10 million and $20 million.

Terry Drayton, founder of Livible.
Terry Drayton, founder of Livible.

Changing the name

Like other burgeoning full-service storage providers, Drayton’s firm doesn’t rent out storage units. Instead, Livible stores customers’ belongings for them at secure facilities, gives them an app to track what they have in storage and will pick up or deliver items on demand.

Drayton, 56, realized he needed a better company name than Storrage to represent the company’s growing list of services. He and his wife, Beth, created “Livible.” He tested it on customers and prospects, and they favored “Livible” six to one.

Those odd spellings? They’re hip these days, and also enable Drayton to own the trademarks.

Livible allows customers to manage their stored possessions via a mobile app.
Livible allows customers to manage their stored possessions via a mobile app.

Way of the future

Meanwhile, Drayton –- founder of such companies as Votocracy LLC, Rainier Software Inc. and Arena Group Inc., and a fan of customer logistics — makes a surprising prediction about the future of the self-storage industry.

“I’ve been pretty good at seeing what’s coming,” he said. “Long term, we think on-demand will completely supplant self-storage, just like mobile phones replaced pay phones, and Netflix and Xfinity replaced Blockbuster.

“Customers see that it’s easy and friendly and less expensive. We think it’ll become, overwhelmingly, the way for the (self-storage) business to go.” Drayton said.

Target customers

Drayton won’t reveal the total number of Livible customers, but said there are “thousands” in the two cities. Many are baby boomers that are looking to downsize, people that need to store items to enable their real estate agent to put on a staging, or millennials that not only don’t own a car, but may never have learned to drive. Apartment and townhome residents are customers, too.

“Half of our urban customers live in the downtown core and don’t have vehicles,” Drayton said. “Others might have a car, but they don’t want to use it; they don’t want to do the work.”

Drayton expects to complete the funding round this fall and said he has, combined, raised between $500 million and $600 million for his previous companies. Jeff Wilke, a CEO at Amazon who ranks second only to Jeff Bezos, is among the current investors.

Customers only pay for the space they use, either by the item or by the cubic foot.
Customers only pay for the space they use, either by the item or by the cubic foot.

Pricing matters

Drayton considered franchising when Storrage was around. But he won’t franchise Livible locations.

Unlike Storrage, Livible will handle larger items. “Originally, we were selling only boxes, and would take a bike or skis, but not furniture or appliances,” Drayton said. “But now we’re picking up everything.”

One differentiation from self-storage, where customers pay a standard price per unit size no matter how much space they really need, is that Livible charges people only for the space used. “We give you exactly the space you need,” Drayton said. “You can’t do that in the self-storage world.”

Pickup or delivery is $9 plus a per-item handling fee of $1 to $9, depending on its size and weight.

Customers that store 99 cubic feet or less are billed $1 per item. For 100 cubic feet or more, it’s billed by the cubic foot. For example, 79 cents per cubic foot for 100 to 199 items (

Give the customer what they want

Customer demand also has Livible offering additional services, such as donating, sharing, selling and tossing out of belongings. The company may add renting and swapping later on.

For example, Livible has a national partnership with Value Village for the donated items, and will handle the donation for free.

Want to share your camping gear with friends or family? Livible will handle that, as well as sell the items you designate.

“We’ll go down the path of adding services,” Drayton said. “The very first customer we picked up from had stuff to donate, and would we take it for them. The obvious answer is always ‘Yes.’”

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Inside Livible: The Evolving Nature of Full-Service Storage
by Bruce Goldberg
September 26, 2016

Save on storage with Livible!

Save on storage with Livible! Livible is different from traditional self storage because you can pay per box, per month. Livible is easier, more convenient, and saves you 15% when compared to self-storage.

Save on storage

You don’t have to rent an entire locker, and Livible would pickup and drop off their boxes whenever customers wanted. With this service, you can now have more choices for what happens with your boxes once Livible carries them off.

For instance, if you have a kayak in storage you want to loan to a friend, Livible will drop it off there and pick it back up. If you want to sell something, you just tell Livible what price you’re looking for and the startup will post it to Craigslist, handle the exchange and collect the money for you. Livible will also help you rent, donate or even trade items you’re keeping in storage.

The idea is to do whatever it takes to help users get unused items out of their houses.

One differentiation from self-storage, where customers pay a standard price per unit size no matter how much space they really need, is that Livible charges people only for the space used. “We give you exactly the space you need,” Drayton said. “You can’t do that in the self-storage world.”

See how much you’ll save on storage compared to traditional storage with our Savings Estimator.

This Holiday Season Give The Gift of Space

This Holiday Season Give The Gift of Space 

gift_49       gift_99

What do you give the person who has everything already? A place to store their items! This year, Livible is offering “The Gift of Space” as a present to your loved ones. It comes in two different sizes, a $49 package for the person with a few items and the $99 package for the person who has more items.

The $49 package allows the recipient to store 20 cubic feet for 6 months (examples of 20 cubic feet of items: a chest and two pieces of luggage; five medium boxes; a paddleboard or a car carrier; a double mattress and bedframe, etc.) and the $99 package allows the recipient to store 50 cubic feet for 6 months (examples of 50 cubic feet of items: a loveseat, two medium boxes and artwork; a bike, tent and two sleeping bags; a kayak and two sets of golf clubs; a coffee table, carpet, upholstered chair and table lamp, etc.). Recipients must be in our Seattle service area in these zip codes.

Alongside these packages, Livible is connecting with local Seattle companies that are near and dear to our hearts to offer you a bonus gift for your loved one. Everyday until Christmas Eve, we will be offering a gift card to a Seattle company that is worth roughly $50. This could be a local Alki spot that our staff loves or a gift card to a international company that had its start in Seattle.

Today’s Prize: $50 Eddie Bauer Gift Card

Past prizes:

  • December 18: $50 Microsoft Gift Card
  • December 17: $50 REI Gift Card
  • December 16: $50 Cinerama Gift Card
  • December 15: $50 Bartell’s Gift Card
  • December 14: $50 Costco Gift Card
  • December 13: $50 Elliot Bay Bookstore Gift Card
  • December 12: $50 Dick’s Drive In Gift Card
  • December 11: $50 Pyramid Ale House Gift Card
  • December 10: $50 Salty’s Gift Card
  • December 9: $50 Mariner’s Team Shop Gift Card
  • December 8: $50 The Ram Gift Card
  • December 7: $50 Filson Gift Card
  • December 6: $50 Ivar’s Gift Card
  • December 5: $50 Space Needle Gift Card
  • December 4: $50 Seahawks Pro Shop Gift Card
  • December 3: $50 Molly Moon Gift Card
  • December 2: $50 Woodland Park Zoo Gift Card
  • December 1: $50 Top Pot Doughnuts Gift Card
  • November 30: $50 Nordstrom Gift Card
  • November 29: $50 Museum of Pop Culture (formerly EMP) Gift Card
  • November 28: $50 Amazon Gift Card
  • November 27: $50 Sounders FC Gift Card
  • November 26: 2 Tickets to The Seattle Great Wheel
  • November 25: $50 Husky or Cougar Gift Card
Everyday we will be announcing the new local company in the comments below, so you can give the “Gift of Space” and a gift card to your loved ones!

Perfect Christmas Gifts That Surely Won’t Go To Waste

Holiday season is fast approaching and undoubtedly many people today find challenging times to secure the perfect Christmas gifts for their friends and loved ones. More often than not, because of rushing and cramming, people tend to buy gifts that are inappropriate or things that most of the times aren’t much of a use on a daily basis. Usually these gifts are just crowding the homes of the receiver, although the thought and the spirit of Christmas are there, still there are other things that are much more efficient and perfect to give during the said season.

Holiday Getaway

One of the most perfect gifts for your loved ones is a free holiday getaway. Whether you are included or not, the getaway will allow your friends and loved ones to enjoy relaxing and calming surroundings outside the stressful city. Not thinking of any works, chores, or any of the like, they will surely include this holiday getaway to their memorable experiences.

Salons and Spas

A salon and spa treatment for your friends and loved ones is a much needed thing to do especially there are a lot of recurring stresses and tiring moments during the holiday season. Alongside the massage and spa treatments, better to include the manis and pedis for a total package of stress-free season.

Event Tickets

Whether theater tickets or concerts, or even sports games – your friends will truly enjoy and appreciate these because it is so rare for people nowadays to be given a free passes or tickets to such big events. Also, instead of you going with your friends, insist them to be with their own special and loves ones.


This one is very appropriate for the upcoming Christmas season due to the fact that during this season, food goes side by side with the gift giving. Offer your friends and family cooking classes or baking classes as your holiday gift for them. Not only that it will help them enhance their skills, it will also allow them to learn new set of skills that will be very useful not only the holiday season.

Ultimately, these are only some of the best gifts you could give or request to receive since these things are very much more useful and really create memories that could last a lifetime. A gift that is able to teach minds, touch hearts, or even possible transform lives is the best you could ever give in Christmas season.

Organize Your Home With These 6 Great Storage Furniture Options

If you have a big heap of laundry clothes, unsorted mails which are cluttering your house, you can get these 6 types of storage furniture to organize your house.

1. Storage Ottoman

storage furniture

Storage Ottoman from

These versatile types of storage furniture are not only stylish but also functional. It can be easily incorporated into the living spaces, bedrooms and basements. These ottomans look amazing, and can be utilized to stash the extra blankets, bed sheets or the heap of animals which your kids do not wish to leave. Apart from the storage features, these ottomans also serve as an excellent choice for seating too.

2. Re-purposed dresser

Repurposed dresser can be used if you wish to convert an old dresser into the mega storage. It can help you to instantly organize your space. Whether you wish to tidy up your room or bring order in your office, this furniture can prove to be a great bet.

3. Under bed storage

These are great storage furniture option to make use of the space under your bed. You can store your extra pair of shoes, accessories or clothes in these flat plastic boxes. These are not only easy to slide but also maximize the space in your living space or rooms.

4. Mail organizer

storage furniture

Wall Mount Mail Organizer from

It may seem as one of the lesser useful items, but it can be a great way to reduce the mess in your house. These mail organizers can help you organize the mails and papers in your house. You can get these in a variety of styles. But, choosing one which has key hooks with it is better as in that case you can also keep your keys properly.

5. Cloth or Canvas Boxes

storage furniture

Canvas boxes from

The best part about these boxes is that they can be simply incorporated in any space. You can use one in your library to store the books or one on your bedside to keep the magazines. There are a variety of uses these boxes can be put to.

6. Sofa Style dog bed

storage furniture
Dog Bed with Storage from

If you too have a pet, then sofa style dog bed can be a life savior. You definitely need some place to keep your dog’s bone, or chewy toy and not scatter it in your room. These types of furniture can help you eliminate clutter and some have built in storage too. You can get it in a variety of styles and sizes.